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Jens Bosse – junior group leader – Schreibkraft

Elena Kotova – technical assistant – Good soul of the lab

Timothy Soh – PostDoc – Multiomics Specialist (“Mädchen für Alles”)

Saskia Sanders – PhD student – Lattice Light Sheet specialist

Enrico Caragliano – joint PhD student with the Brune lab @LIV – golden hands

Doerte Stalling – PhD student – Life cell Click labeling specialist

Alice Grün – joint PhD student with the Uetrecht lab @CSSB – nMS specialist

Jonas Schröder – joint PhD student with the Uetrecht lab @CSSB – protein production head

Yannick Jensen – PhD student – envelopment specialist

Sofia Ognibene – Intern – Herpesfolds database wizard

Iven Knaak – the next adopted Chemisty student 🙂


Heidi Meissner – joint PhD student with the Grundhoff Lab @LIV

Linda Wedemann – PhD student

Felix Flomm – PhD student – The guy that started it All

Vincente Sterrenberg – adopted Chemistry PhD student 🙂