Lattice light-sheet microscopy of an HFF cell infected with HCMV – Have a look at the paper.

We are a RESIST-funded group located at CSSB Hamburg and part of Hannover Medical School. We are associated with the Leibniz Institute of Virology (LIV).

Viruses assemble in a complex order of consecutive morphogenesis events. Our research aims to illuminate the spatiotemporal regulation of these morphogenesis events at the single-particle level. We use three-dimensional live-cell microscopy to quantify the kinetics and dynamics of viral macromolecular complexes in living cells at the single-particle level and create computational pipelines to analyze large image datasets. Correlative electron microscopy complements our measurements with ultrastructural data on cellular organization. Proteome-wide structural predictions of viral proteins and their interactions now enable structural systems biology of virus morphogenesis.

Have a look at our HerpesFolds database that doubles as a cheat sheet of homologs!

More info about us can be currently found on our CSSB or LIV web pages.