Alphafold KSHV strain GK18 predictions

ORF75 prediction colored by the pLDDT confidence value (red=better)

In cooperation with the Topf lab at CSSB we currently running Alphafold2 on representative herpesvirus proteomes.

This file contains Alphafold2 predictions of all KSHV strain GK18 proteins in Uniprot except ORF64 (since it is too big to be run on a 16GB GPU) run with Colabfold.

We thank the Steinegger lab:

  • Mirdita M, Ovchinnikov S and Steinegger M. ColabFold – Making protein folding accessible to all. bioRxiv (2021) doi: 10.1101/2021.08.15.456425

As well as Deepmind for Alphafold2:

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